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Nov 6, 2009 6:30am EST
for "good morning america." you can always get the latest updates any time on with the latest information, the newest information as soon as it becomes available. we'll post it for you. >>> if you are breek or love baklava, you should head to baltimore this weekend because the greek festival kicks off today. it features great food, great music, dancing, even a european market mace. it kicks off at 11:00 and ends at 11:00 tonight. saturday it runs from 11:00 to 11:00 and then on sunday it is from noon until 6:00. >>> she's been a telephone operator at st. joseph's hospital for 24 years. her co-workers decided to surprise her for her 90th birthday. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday ♪ [music] ♪ >> carolyn didn't know the plans they had in place until they walked in and saw the party. she came to st. joseph's shortly after she retired as a different job as a telephone operator. since then she drives to work every day and has not missed within day of work according to co-workers. yesterday's surprise was something carolyn appreciated. >> i've sure enjoyed my 24 ye
Nov 13, 2009 6:30am EST
. >> all right. we'll have more on that on "good morning america" no doubt. >>> checking the headlines around the nation. southwest airlines have donated 4,000 turkeys to the denver rescue mission. that is the largest donation it's ever received. turkeys will be sold at the annual great thanksgiving banquet. southwest airlines says employees will be there to help serve the families. >>> the parents of the so- called balloon boy have agreed to a deal that could send them both to jail money richard heene would plead guilty to a felony charge today in court and attempting to influence a public servant. heene's wife, a japanese citizen who could be deported will also plead guilty but to a lesser charge. the parents are accused of pulling off that crazy hoax by reporting their 6-year-old son was floating away in a helium balloon. >>> who says opposites can't attract? newt gingrich and reverend al sharpton would usually be bickering but today they are on the same tied side. >>> let's take a look at the temperatures outside. 51 in york and 50 in hagerstown. we have a windchill out there.
Nov 16, 2009 6:30am EST
havecoffland. it is a win not just for america but for him. >> megan saw this and said don't tell me we have a -- we have a birth. >> i don't know. some things -- >> wow. >> it has come down to that. >> all right. good morning maryland. >>> thank you for joining us on this monday morning. >> let's look at our weather. good morning. thanks a lot. good morning, nice conditions out there to start off this monday morning. in fact we have temperatures very present at this point in time, 53 in kingsville, 54 right now in hah saturday, it is just as nice as it looks. a couple of clouds throughout the overnight they have cleared out nicely, mainly clear skies across the state of maryland. that will continue throughout most of the day today. high pressure when you have a front moving through, and we have high pressure that is built in and you can see this big area of precipitation out toward the west of us, way out across illinois and indiana. that will take its time getting to us. we won't be troubled by it. we have clouds across the way until wednesday, but that's about it. and then things may go
Nov 10, 2009 6:30am EST
birthday. >>> 6:55. i'm sure we have a lot more from the gulf coast on ida on "good morning america" coming up. expwried working its way on shore with 50 mile-per-hour winds. we have thickening clouds from a cold front to the west. that cold front could bring us showers this evening but a warm day at 6 5. showers overnight, drizzle and light rain, 50 but most of the heavy rain from ida stays well to the south. we'll be clipped with an easterly wind that will actually cause high waves and beach erosion from delaware, maryland beaches all the way southbound and keep us with the threat at least of showers and only 48 on thursday, 53 on friday. warming up over the weekend. kim? >>> we had volume starting to pick up around the beltway but only one incident to let you know about, that is southbound on the harrisburg expressway approaching timonium road, that crash does currently block the right lane causing a slowdown from about padonia past timonium road so give yourself a few extra minutes. jfx, a little building volume as you make your way at cold spring lane but no problems to let you know a
Nov 3, 2009 6:30am EST
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Nov 17, 2009 6:30am EST
. she is promoting the become. e was on oprah and today she will be on good morning, america t talks about the life on the campaign trail and her interview with katie couric and her daughter's unexpected pregnancy. >>> and a deer was a big problem for police officers in arkansas. it is caught on tape. this is dash cam video and it shows a good sized buck trying to class the upbter state and tries to get the animalle into the woodss. he is coming back. they kicked another officer. and and he was stuck after apatiently getting lost hiking. and they thought it was and it it helped overnight and they were pulled to safety. >> and well they won the games but was not pretty. we're talking about last night the ravens game. and the safety and a field goal attempt. and in 17 seconds, though the game turned around for baltimore who scored on the run. and 48-yards the next play with the havens overcame a horrendous start. and then a victory with issues that turned to the quicker safety. >> we have within been having a wout talk. he be the first to say he kicks better than practice and games up
Nov 6, 2009 5:30am EST
medical center in washington. starting at 7:00 on "good morning america," chris cuomo will be live from fort hood. >>> a baltimore city officer is out of the hospital after being stabbed early yesterday morning at a strip club. the officer, who was off duty, shot his attacker. it happened in the parking lot of christina's female review on north point boulevard just after qlozzing time. at this point, it remains unclear what led up to the fight. the officer was stabbed in the back and neck before he fired his weapon. >> the description i had of the man that was shot and from what i saw that night was someone that had not been here before. the officer, i had med. i had met. >> the alleged attacker remains in serious condition. >>> governor martin o'mally could have trouble getting re- elected next year. the poll conducted by a nonpartisan research group shows 39% of maryland voters would re-elect o'mally but 48% would prefer someone new. the poll reveals 38% approve of the job he is doing but 40% disapprove. when asked if the race were between former republican governor bob ehrlich and
Nov 3, 2009 5:30am EST
william schaefer tough have the whoopla like the band. and the choir. >> god bless america... >> reporter: and politicians on podiums saying great things about this man. >> his pride is unwaiverring and it is courageous. he loves our city and baltimore all the best it could know. >> you need to talk to the people who's lives he has touched. like a childhood friend. >> a wonderful thing about him he was so honest. >> really? >> so honest. >> hard worker, smart and hon of the as the day was long. he did it for the good. >> perhaps one of his former secretary of states down at city hall. >> he all the time looking for problems. if he come back get that cleaned up. he would get it done right. when you did it right you got a rose. >> you got it when you did a good job. >> and you need to talk to the people who he showed how to get involved in community service. >> do it now and what have you done for the people? they were not hollow slogans it is a call to action to do what is right for the community. >> and you must no matter what comes about in life you must encourage people to do something
Nov 4, 2009 5:30am EST
. good morning america we can bring her to baltimore. 33 we have dropped a couple of degrees on the thermometer and sitting in the 20s in some sections of howard county, we showed that. we'll get the temperatures in a couple of minutes around the local region. you go up to in the 40s. they will play that game. game 6 in the bronx expecting the temperature on the thermometer and the first pitch. in the 20s and western pennsylvania may have winter coming through the we have frost to deal with. around the clouds starting to roll away that's acting on the chill. reinforce the cold air. we have the disturbance and that essentially is producing some rain showers now. but will open up the great lakes. places like perhaps cleveland, now now, erie, pennsylvania; buffalo and there will be snow showers off the great lakes by this time tomorrow and the rest of the week. we'll get this to go through. what that will do is turn the sky mostly cloudy this afternoon. i hope youen joyed the 63. we're in the 50s and the clouds producing and rain showers there could be a snow flake. a flurry dur
Nov 13, 2009 5:30am EST
leaders. freeman rabowski named america's ten best presidents. according to "time" magazine, the president says it's a great visibility for the campus and the time editor said he just jumped out and is making more of an institution you wouldn't think of as one of the great generators of academic achievement. we know it, now the nation knows it. >>> here's a look at what's going on today. the irish festival kicks off in timonium. that will run tonight right through st. patrick's day in march. >>> also today, the immoral tattoo in joppa trying to break a record raising money for a good cause. for 24 hours, the parlor will offer $5 tattoos. all proceeds going toward breast cancer research. >>> it's not happening today, but you might want to pick up tickets. we're talking about the nutcracker. it's coming to the hippodrome for the first weekend of december. the nutcracker will have four shows between friday, december 4th and sunday december 6th. so if you'd like to go see the nutcracker, call 410-547-seat or always call the box office because that's where it's playing. >>> drawing upon co
Nov 20, 2009 5:30am EST
away. >> teen, parents, they're all hitting to get a first glimpse at all that america is buzzing about today. before you head anywhere today, let's check in with justin and see how the weather is looking. >> i know it is about a vampiring, a werewolf. >> it is a romance movie; right. >> yeah. look at the wind west northwest at 12 miles per hour. that's going to dry us out today and talk about this good looking friday weather. 5:36. let's see what is happening with mark jones our native we werewolf. >> -- this is on the buses look for the 51 to be diverted due to a water main break due to construction. from the transit team i'm mark jones. breakfast doesn't really start until the grands are on the table grands biscuits. would it really be breakfast without 'em? hoo-hoo! make breakfast grand. . >> 5:40. giving you a hint we have a good looking day on temporarily. we are around 50 degrees, and. if you want to find chilly stuff you have to go deep into the mountain, and still cloud cover still recovering from the massive storm last week, it is very mild 61 in ocean city. again the clouds
Nov 30, 2009 5:30am EST
. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft. america's softest bath tissue. >>> they've had a thanksgiving break to think long and hard about it, today the jury goes back to decide if mayor sheila dixon did or did not wrongly use giftcards. >> well today marks day 6 of deliberations, it's been three weeks since the trial began. jurors will return to the courtroom this morning to resume deliberations after the long holiday weekend. court wasn't in session last thursday and friday for thanksgiving. on wednesday, mayor dixon's attorneys argued yet get for a mistrial saying the amount of evidence in the case has jurors confused. before leaving last week, jurors watched testimony from developer patrick turner, edward anthony and others. it could be a sign the jury is close to a verdict. >> you can't lead with accuracy what a jury is saying, but you can put different pieces together. the fact we're on a wednesday before thanksgiving, and the jury isn't looking for an easy way out, tells me this particular issue is one of the final pieces of disagreement on this jury. >> reporter: the judge told
Nov 30, 2009 6:30am EST
morning america. [talking simultaneously]
Nov 27, 2009 5:30am EST
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Nov 27, 2009 6:30am EST
on the scene as well. >> we are live at 9:00 on good morning america. join us then. we'll be live at the annual festival of trees at the tim own university fairgrounds. join us. see you at 9:00. >>> thanks for choosing good morning maryland. for more news watch good morning maryland at 9:00 or go now to abc2 works for you. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 there's a big reason to lower high cholesterol... dangerous plaque that can build up in arteries. it's called atherosclerosis--or athero. and high cholesterol is a major factor. but crestor can help slow the buildup of plaque in arteries. go to and take an interactive tour to learn how plaque builds up. and then ask your doctor if crestor is right for you. along with diet, crestor does more than lower bad cholesterol and raise good. crestor is proven to slow the buildup of plaque in arteries. crestor isn't for everyone, like people with liver disease, or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. simple blood tests will check for liver problems. you should t
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15